Regain Control of Your Finances Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are facing serious debt problems, you are not alone.  Many people, even those with high monthly incomes, need bankruptcy relief from insurmountable debt. At Johnson & Pekny, LLC, we represent clients in eastern Nebraska who have acquired serious debt.   Our Omaha Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys have experience handling Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and we are committed to providing individualized, personally tailored legal service to each of our clients.

Do not try to face your debt problems alone.   At Johnson & Pekny, LLC, our attorneys are ready to listen to your situation and help you find the debt relief you need. Call (402) 298-8288 or e-mail us to learn more.

The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Repayment Plan

Whereas Chapter 7 bankruptcy is generally considered more of a liquidation option for lower-income filers, Chapter 13 is a repayment plan.   For those who do not pass the means test due to higher income levels, or those who have more equity in their homes and can continue making those payments, Chapter 13 is often the better choice.

Chapter 13 allows you keep some of the debts that you can maintain and establish a more reasonable payment plan for keeping up with those debts.   This payment plan lasts either three or five years, and if you make payments throughout that period, your remaining debt will be discharged.

Lien Stripping: How to Eliminate Second and Subsequent Mortgages

If your home is underwater — as many are these days — you might be able to strip away second and subsequent mortgages that you have on your home.   When the value of your home is less than the total principal on your first mortgage, there is no value left to secure the second and subsequent mortgages.   With nothing for those mortgages to attach to, they become unsecured debt, which we can help you eliminate through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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