A bad marriage may tempt you to take matters into your own hands and file for divorce yourself, but before you do so, you should stop and consider hiring a family law attorney. You need to consider everything that you will need to deal with during the divorce process and how a lawyer can help reduce your stress and make sure that mistakes are not made. There are many areas where a family law attorney will be able to assist you, but let’s go over three in particular.

3 Situations A Family Law Attorney Can Assist You:

1. Spousal Support

Spousal support is financial aid provided to the recipient to help him or her achieve financial independence. It is available only to those who were married, and rules vary by state. Courts award financial assistance based on a variety of factors such as: duration of marriage, each person’s earning capacity, contribution to household or career, and physical health and age of the recipient.

2. Child Support

An ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child at the end of a marriage or other relationship. This payment is made either directly or indirectly by an obligor to an obligee. More often than not, the obligor is the non-custodial parent and the obligee is the custodial parent, a caregiver, a guardian, or
the state.

3. Custody

Child custody and legal guardianship are both legal terms used to describe the legal and practical relationship between a parent and his or her child. It also describes the right of the parent to make decisions, and the parent’s duty to take care of the child. In divorce one parent may have full custody of the child or the parents may agree to share joint custody.

These are only three situations where a family law attorney can assist you. There are many other areas of practice and if you have further questions or are in need of legal advice or representation please contact the Omaha and Plattsmouth Family Law Attorneys at Johnson and Pekny, LLC. Call us at (402) 298-8288, or fill out our contact form online.

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  • I like how you mentioned that child custody and legal guardianship can be handled by divorce attorneys to help the parents still have the rights to make decisions for their child if they have settled for a joint custody. That should be very helpful to parents out there so that they can still manage what’s best for their child even after separation due to a mutual agreement or other reasons. Additionally, this should also keep the child protected from any great psychological damage that could be inflected by an unprocessed divorce. Hopefully, more and more couples in the rough would maximize the use of a divorce attorney and not just settle for vocal agreements. Thanks!

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