A lot of serious things are on the line if you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime. Not only are you facing jail time and fines, but your future livelihood is on the line. A drug conviction can follow you the rest of your life, and whether you want to pursue school or a career, you future can be negatively affected if a drug crime remains on your criminal record. Just one drug conviction on your record could be detrimental to your future, no matter how small you think the charge may be.

What Should I Do?

If you are arrested for any type of drug crime, you should immediately contact an Omaha lawyer who is educated in the laws and all of the potential defense possibilities. Most importantly, remember that you are under no obligation to cooperate or talk to prosecutors or law enforcement if you have been arrested for a drug crime. Remain non-combative and calm, but also keep in mind that these people are out for their high conviction rates, not for your best interests.

As long as you do not give up any information, no matter how much pressure you are under to talk, a criminal defense lawyer can work hard to eliminate the charges against you. The last thing you want to do is make the prosecutor’s job easy by talking. They know all of the ways to get people who have been arrested for serious crimes to talk, which helps to seal what might have been a difficult conviction, with the right representation.

What Can a Lawyer Do?

Here, at the Law Offices of Johnson & Pekny, LLC, from the moment you retain our services, we will start working on coming up with the best defense as possible to ensure your rights are protected. In some cases, we can suppress evidence due to an illegal search, entrapment, or inability to prove probable cause. If any of your Constitutional rights have been violated, we will be sure to stand up for your rights. We can get charges reduced in many cases and may even be able to get them dropped.  Contact us today by calling our offices in Omaha & Plattsmouth  (402) 298-8288